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Importance of Your Home’s Air Filter

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Importance of your home's air filter

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that the air filters for AC systems are one of the most important parts for the whole system. The filter traps airborne particles that would otherwise enter your air handler and coat the parts. This slows down the heat exchange process, which makes the equipment run longer, driving up energy bills.

How Often to Change Air Filters

We recommend that homeowners check the filter monthly, and replace it when it's coated with dust. This is the most essential tasks to perform for air conditioner maintenance. When the air filter has a layer of dust on it, the airflow slows through the air handler. It will take longer for the cooling appliance to cool your home, increasing wear and tear. Dirty filters also lower air quality because more airborne particulates will circulate through the air.

Issues a Dirty Air Filter Can

A dirty filter can create mechanical problems with your air conditioner as well. The air handler contains an evaporator coil and if it's covered with dust, the heat exchange process slows and some of the refrigerant circulating through the coil may not absorb enough heat to become a gas. The refrigerant returns to the compressor as a liquid that has the potential to burn out the compressor.The compressor is the most expensive part of most air conditioning systems, and you'll lose cooling until we can replace the part. Loosing cooling in Richmond sets you up for uncomfortable indoor temperatures, and in most cases, the problem is easy to avoid by simply changing the air filters routinely.Filters are easy to find in grocery and big box stores, but when you're selecting a new one, make sure it's the exact size for the air handler. Any filter that's too small will pull unfiltered air through the blower, defeating the purpose of the air filter. Unless you have washable filters, it's never a good idea to cut corners by washing off the disposable types. Moisture can remain inside the filter medium, which will enter the air handler.
If you have more questions about your air filter, contact the HVAC experts at Trinity Air.