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AC Repair Service Peachtree City

Ac RepairWhat’s the first thing that you want to do if your AC goes out in the heat of summer? Fix it, of course. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being hot all of the time in your home. It may be necessary for you to rely on the expertise of a professional to repair your AC as needed. At Trinity Air, we have the expertise to complete any type of AC repair in Peachtree City and Metro Atlanta areas. We want you to be comfortable even when the weather isn't.

Common AC Repairs

We've been in the heating and cooling business for decades, and we have seen most any problem that can exist with your AC unit. Below are various types of AC repairs we've encountered over the years:
  • Clogged coils on the outside unit that could significantly decrease air flow.
  • Faulty compressors that need to be repaired or replaced for cooler air.
  • Lack of refrigerant can cause your AC to not function as it should. This is commonly due to a leak that needs to be found and repaired.
  • Issues with your thermostat that can prevent your home from cooling.
  • Drainage problems in your condenser bin that could reduce the needed amount of air flow.
  • These are just a few of the problems that we see daily, but we have the expertise to fix any issue you may have.
Let Us Help! Don’t let a problem with your air conditioning unit get you down. Choose the professionals at Trinity Air to get your back in the cool air fast! Simply give us a call to schedule an appointment with us today!