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Heating Tune Up

Heater Repair maintananceIf you want your heat pump to work for you, it’s necessary to service it and complete some heating maintenance as needed. Getting a routine tune-up can help prevent a number of issues from occurring, which may include being without heat. If you want to effectively maintain your unit, you should only rely on a professional. At Trinity Air, we have decades of experience in heating maintenance in Peachtree City and Metro Atlanta areas. We can guarantee you that we can help improve the efficiency of your heating source for you!

Ways We Help Maintain Your Unit

We’ve been working on heating and cooling systems for decades. We have the experience to make certain that your heating system is functioning properly. Below are things we do to make this happen:
  • Check to ensure the condensing level is correct.
  • Inspect all of the electrical components of your unit.
  • Check the condenser drain.
  • Clean the outside coils of your system.
  • Check all the components of the blower.
  • Lubricate the blades of your unit.
  • Check the thermostat and see if it needs calibrating.
  • Make sure you have enough refrigerant in your unit.
  • Look for any possible leaks and fix these as necessary.
Contact Us Today! At Trinity Air in Peachtree City, we’re here to help complete your heating maintenance as necessary. We highly recommend that you get a heating unit tune-up at least once a year. You can contact us or call us to schedule an appointment today!