You know your sensors can turn on your outdoor lights or detect unwanted visitors moving through or around your home, but did you know you can also use your sensors to save time and money? You and your neighbors in Atlanta, Georgia, that are taking advantage of home automation technology have already seen how sensors can improve your security, and that’s just the start of their capabilities. In addition to providing security, these creative ways to use your smart sensors will help you save money and maintain comfort and quality in your home.

Controlling Your HVAC System

Nothing strains your HVAC system or hikes up your utility bills like leaving your system on all day. You can easily save money and preserve your system by giving it a break while you’re away. In the winter, this kind of habit may involve turning down your thermostat setting while you’re at work. The problem is, you don’t want to come home to a cold living space.

You can use smart home sensors to detect when you come home and adjust your thermostat accordingly. This coming winter, place sensors by your garage or front door and your system will warm up your home when you arrive.

Detecting Leaks

Some of the most dangerous problems in your home are the ones you never notice until your bills have skyrocketed or your living space has been damaged. Leaks can become significant issues as they waste water and damage the surrounding area. Fortunately, your smart home sensors can also help you catch leaks before they cause too many problems. Place sensors near your hot water heater or in other potential problem areas, and you’ll be notified when the water touches the sensor.

Smart home sensors do much more than just protect you from intruders; they also protect you from other problems that will affect your quality of life. Start your conversion to home automation with a smart thermostat installed by our team at Trinity Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us at (770) 285-1990.

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