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3 Signs Your Ductwork Need Cleaning in Tyrone, GA

Your HVAC system in Tyrone, GA, will operate more efficiently with regular maintenance, and ductwork cleaning is one of the services you need to consider. Besides replacing air filters and any damaged parts, the ducts accumulate dust, dirt and other particles, which may interfere with airflow. But what are the signs that you need to clean your ductwork?

1. Substantial Visible Biological Contaminants Growth

If you can see signs of spores and other biological contaminants on the surface of the ducts or on other components of the HVAC system, your ducts need cleaning. If you have insulated ducts, which get wet, there’s a risk of the growth of biological contaminants. A service tech can access parts of your HVAC system for inspection and check the levels of contaminants in the ducts.

The EPA notes that if the conditions in your ducts facilitate the growth of biological contaminants, just cleaning the ducts may not solve the problem. Our service tech will correct the conditions that cause the growth of biological contaminants.

2. Presence of Vermin

Rodents and insects can make homes in ducts during the cold or the hot seasons. The ducts are warm during cold days and cool during hot days. You can tell there is vermin in your ducts if there’s a foul smell coming from the ducts, or if you hear their movements at night or during the day.

If not removed, the vermin can obstruct the flow of conditioned air. The ducts might also sustain damages from the impact of rodents.

3. Clogged Ducts Releasing Dust Into Your Home

If dust accumulates in the ducts, it coats the inside of the system, causing the dirt particles to flow back into the home through the supply registers. If your home seems to accumulate dust quickly, you may have clogged ducts that need cleaning.

Call us at Trinity Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning where we offer comprehensive HVAC services, indoor air quality, duct work and maintenance services. Call our professionals today and let us clean your ducts.

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