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5 Pool Heater Hidden Dangers in Fayetteville, GA

Pool heaters in Fayetteville, GA, are essential for warming water so that you can enjoy swimming during the fall. A faulty gas pool heater can be dangerous since it can start a fire. Here are five hidden dangers that pool heater equipment can exhibit that you should be aware of.

1. Leaks

If water is leaking from the pool heater, there could be an issue with the heat exchanger. Plus, there might be loose connections or gasket leaks. Professional technicians will inspect the equipment and repair it so that it can function correctly.

2. Low Temperature

When you turn on the system and it doesn’t heat water to the desired temperature, the thermostat could be the issue. Also, the gas supply could be low, so the water isn’t warmed adequately. When that happens, you can call a technician to verify the thermostat is still operational, and then call your LP or natural gas supplier.

3. Black Smoke

If you notice that the pool heater produces black smoke when running, there is a problem. A dark top also indicates that the system suffers from inadequate air supply, low gas pressure or improper venting.

The black exhaust could also be from excessive heating that can damage the machine.

4. Rust From the Pool Heater

Some parts of the heater have copper fittings which could eventually corrode due to chemicals used in the pool. As a result, copper ions could accumulate in your pool causing some discoloration around the drains, steps and return lines.

Professionals will replace the corroded parts. They should also review the chemical balance in the pool to ensure additional corrosion is avoided.

5. Cycling On and Off

When the heater cycles on and off, there could be issues such as dirty filter, reverse water connections and closed valves. The thermostat can also cause the cycling on and off.

Contact us at Trinity Air Inc Heating and Air Conditioning for repair and installation. Our technicians are happy to help diagnose and fix issues with your pool heater.

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