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How a Ductless System Can Alleviate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

If you have hot and cold spots in your Fayetteville home, a ductless air conditioning system may be the solution. Discover how a ductless air conditioning system can help you maintain a constant temperature in your home when used alone or with a ducted system.

No More Hot and Cold Spots With a Ductless AC System

For years homeowners have tried eliminating hot and cold spots in their homes with fans and heaters. Ductless AC systems are much more effective and more energy efficient than these portable devices. They also work in homes that won’t allow ducted AC installation. Their suitability for zoning is the key to their success.

Zoning with a Ductless AC System

Zoning is the latest concept revolutionizing energy efficiency. By considering separate zones in your home and their unique heating or cooling requirements, you can save energy and money.

Ductless systems are made with zoning in mind. A ductless system can have several air conditioning units strategically placed in different rooms. Shut doors and windows to isolate each zone and maintain its constant temperature. Heating and cooling small zones consistently is much easier than treating a whole house.

Supplementing Ducted Air Conditioning With a Ductless System

While ductless systems will work on their own, they can also supplement existing ducted AC systems for even better results. A single exterior ductless unit can operate several different indoor units strategically placed in the hottest and coldest parts of your home. With the combined efforts of the ducted and ductless systems, you should notice a more seamless climate moving from room to room.

Ductless systems can also heat and cool property extensions. Adding a ductless AC is more affordable than extending an existing ducted system.

Trinity Air Heating & Air Conditioning are specialists in installing air conditioning systems in Georgia cities including Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan, Brooks, Woolsey, and Tyrone. Call us on (770) 285-1990 to learn more about our ductless mini split systems and request an appointment with our friendly AC technicians.

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