Air leaks in your Peachtree City, Georgia, home can waste energy, reduce your indoor air quality, and make you and your family uncomfortable. You can reduce your utility bills and avoid asthma and allergy symptoms by finding leaks and adding weatherstripping and caulk.

Finding Leaks

Most air leaks are near windows and doors. You can find them by turning off your air conditioner and then lighting a candle, a stick, or incense. Carry it around your home, especially near the outer walls. When the flame flickers or the smoke moves in another direction, there’s a draft indicating a leak nearby. You can also find air leaks with an infrared thermometer that can measure the air temperatures near your windows and doors.

Adding Weatherstripping

There are several types of weatherstripping. You can mount silicon, vinyl, rubber, plastic, or metal versions with adhesive, staples, or nails, and they fit well on doorjambs or window sashes. Felt is available, as well, but it is less durable. For outer doors, add a metal door sweep with soft felt or brushes at the base to prevent leaks. You can also use weatherstripping around your garage door and the hatch to your attic.

Using Caulk

Caulk is a waterproof sealant that’s ideal for stopping air leaks in small cracks and holes. You can find a caulking gun with disposable cartridges at any hardware store. Moreover, some caulk includes chemicals to stop biological growth in moist areas. Use it to get rid of cracks in baseboards and to provide insulation around electrical outlets. Before you start caulking, practice on a cardboard box to get a smooth, continuous line. You will also need to remove excess caulk as you work before it can dry and damage the area around it.

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