When you are busy it can be tempting to put off household maintenance tasks, like changing your HVAC air filter. While it may not seem like a big deal to prolong this task, a dirty HVAC air filter may affect your Peachtree City, Georgia, home more than you realize.

Poor Air Quality

Your HVAC air filter is directly responsible for filtering out allergens and other debris. If your air filter is dirty and clogged, dust and allergens are making their way into your home’s air. If you spend the majority of your time indoors, this can have a negative impact on you and your family’s health. You may notice symptoms including fatigue, eye and nose irritation, allergies, coughing, and other cold and flu symptoms. Poor air quality can also exacerbate current health conditions including asthma.

Higher Costs

Failing to regularly change out your HVAC filter can also result in higher costs. For one, your unit is forced to work harder to achieve your thermostat setting. This leads to an increase in monthly heating and cooling bills. Additionally, when an HVAC unit has to work overtime for a long period of time, you are at an increased risk of your unit needing a repair. Keeping up with routine maintenance, including changing out air filters, is one of the best ways to avoid costly and inconvenient HVAC repairs.

Inconsistent Temperature

A dirty air filter can also make it difficult to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home. You may feel like it is never warm or cool enough despite what setting you put the thermostat on. Regularly changing your air filter can give you and your family a more comfortable home.

Changing your HVAC filter is an important step in achieving good air quality, efficient and affordable utilities, and a consistent and comfortable environment. Call Trinity Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning today at (770) 285-1990 to discuss your Peachtree City, Georgia, air quality needs.

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