For the third time this week, your air conditioner is banging as it runs, and that strange smell hasn’t gone away. You’ve put up with these AC problems for long enough. Restore comfort and efficiency to your Sharpsburg, Georgia, home with an HVAC preventive maintenance plan.

What Is an HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Just like your vehicle requires regular maintenance to continue running well, your HVAC system needs some regular TLC to continue running efficiently. An HVAC preventive maintenance plan guarantees that your system receives regular tuneups and inspections at the hands of licensed professionals. Start a maintenance plan with Trinity Air, and we will maintain your system at least twice a year: once in the spring to prep your air conditioner for summer and once in the fall to prep your furnace or heat pump for winter.

When you have a maintenance agreement with Trinity Air, your HVAC system will receive the care it needs. During a maintenance appointment, one of our technicians will inspect your AC unit for any wear or damage and conduct necessary repairs and adjustments. We will also clean the interior of your unit, look for clogs in drains, lubricate moving components, check refrigerant levels, calibrate your thermostat (if necessary), and much more.

How Could Maintenance Save Your AC?

Regular preventive maintenance will protect your system against the many threats that may reduce its lifespan. Much of the wear your system experiences may appear minor, but even minor issues can strain your air conditioner, and that strain will compound and cause further damage or affect the efficiency of your system. Minor issues can quickly become costly repairs. Fortunately, regular maintenance appointments catch otherwise minor problems before they escalate. Maintenance also guarantees that your air conditioner will run more efficiently, extending your system’s lifespan and cutting your utility costs.

An HVAC preventive maintenance plan is more than just another investment; it’s the key to a long-lasting HVAC system and to a more efficient home. To start an HVAC maintenance agreement today, call Trinity Air Heating and Air Conditioning at (770) 285-1990.

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