Peachtree City, Georgia, has often been included among the top 10 best places to live in the U.S. by CNN Money Magazine. The city has also been the backdrop of popular shows, including “The Walking Dead.” You don’t need to fear zombies in Peachtree City, but you or a loved one may be haunted by unseen allergy triggers. Fortunately, you can improve your indoor air quality to help keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Do You Have Allergies?

You or a family member may have experienced periods of ill health related to an undiagnosed allergy. An allergy is a response by your body to a substance and includes just about anything, from pet dander to certain foods. Allergic reactions can include inflammation of your skin, airways or digestive system. Some allergic reactions can be occasionally annoying while others can be life-threatening.

Avoiding Triggers of Allergic Reactions

Most allergies can’t be cured, but avoiding triggers can help relieve symptoms. About 90 percent of allergic reactions are caused by eight foods you can avoid: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts like walnuts and almonds, soy, grains like wheat and rye, fish and shellfish. Pet dander, dust, and other airborne particles, however, can be nearly impossible to detect but can still trigger serious health problems.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms Caused by Airborne Particles

Modern heating systems circulate air through ducts in your home and use basic filters that remove airborne particles. Replacing these filters on a regular basis can help reduce unseen substances like dander and dust. Many systems can be upgraded to refresh indoor air with outside air, and purification features actively remove even very small airborne particles.

Whether an occasional nuisance or a serious health problem, you can take steps to alleviate allergies caused by airborne particles. Call us today at Trinity Air Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning at (770) 285-1990 to discuss how to improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergy triggers.

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