Without air ducts, your HVAC system has no way to get air from the furnace or air conditioner to the individual rooms in your home. It’s important to take care of your ducts and address any problems quickly, including leaks. Here are a few ways you can tell that your air ducts have a leak in Brooks, GA.

Hot or Cold Spots

Your HVAC system should heat your home evenly. If you notice significant hot or cold spots around your home, it could indicate a problem with your HVAC system. Leaky ducts cause hot or cold spots because the conditioned air escapes from the ducts before it has a chance to change the temperature of the individual rooms.

Elevated Levels of Dust

No one enjoys dusting their home more than necessary. If you have leaky ducts, though, you may need to dust more often than normal. This is because your ducts can ingest dust while your HVAC system operates and send that dust to the rooms in your home.

High Utility Bills

When your utilities cost more than normal, the culprit could be leaky ducts. When ducts leak, additional air flows into undesired locations, such as your crawl space or the attic.

Inefficient System Operation

If your HVAC system suffers from inefficient operation, it could be because the system itself requires repair. However, another possible cause of this problem is leaky ducts. If your ducts can’t deliver conditioned air where it’s needed, it will take longer for your HVAC system to get your home to a comfortable temperature, which reduces efficiency.

Since you can’t access ducts easily, do not attempt to perform duct repairs on your own. At the same time, since you can’t see the extent of the damage, it’s important to hire a trusted contractor to get expert duct repair. For honest and professional duct repairs and other HVAC services and maintenance, contact Trinity Air, Inc..

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