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DIY HVAC Maintenance? Do’s an Don’ts

There are plenty of DIY home projects you can do in your Atlanta, Georgia, home, but repairing your HVAC is not one of them. That is a job best left to the professionals. They know what needs to be fixed or replaced. You could cause severe damage to your HVAC system and have costly repairs to pay for down the road.  We have listed some reasons below why it is best to hire an HVAC pro instead of doing it yourself. 

Safety Issues 

Safety should be a given. HVAC units are highly technical and use a significant amount of voltage electricity. It’s best to stay away from these levels of electricity. Plus, handling chemicals can be deadly if you don’t take proper precautions. HVAC professionals have the appropriate certifications to handle dangerous chemicals, so leave it to the pros and avoid the risks that come with doing it yourself.

Not Trained

Certified service technicians spend years learning their craft, honing the skills required to tackle HVAC maintenance and repairs. On top of spending time as an apprentice, an HVAC technician must be certified to use the proper equipment. 

Trained technicians know exactly how to avoid major problems and understand what needs to be installed. There are specialized, professional tools that are used to identify and repair issues correctly. Without these tools, you will run the risk of damaing the unit. 

Warranty Can Be Voided

Did you know that DIY repairs are not covered under your system’s warranty? Don’t mess with anything because you are 100 percent responsible for any damage done to your system. That could cost you more money, time, and headache if you choose to fix issues yourself. 

If you fail to uphold the warranty requirements, then the warranty will be voided. Warranties typically require you to have an HVAC professional provide the regular maintenance.

Give us a call at (770) 285-1990, and one of our friendly agents can answer many of your questions. You can also visit us to schedule an appointment for all your maintenance needs.

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