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What Causes My Heat Pump to Freeze Up

Although the weather in the Atlanta, GA, area is generally mild, there are some days that can cause havoc. For instance, the winter storm that struck the area in January 2022 was cold enough to potentially freeze your heat pump.

What about some of the other reasons you might need a heat pump repair? Let’s find out!

It May Have Settled

It may sound strange, but if your heat pump is sitting on a concrete slab, it may have settled into the ground, or settled unevenly. Even if it’s a mere inch or two lower than it used to be, this can impede airflow and block ice melt from draining. Over time, this will lead to ice buildup. The only way to get your heat pump working properly again will be to get a professional to level the unit.

It May Have Been Hit with Sleet

If there has been any freezing rain lately, that could be the culprit. Essentially, when it rains on top of the unit, this portion of your heat pump could freeze. Even worse, the rest of the pump will freeze shortly thereafter. Your pump may be able to thaw itself out, but if it’s still frozen after a full day, you’ll need to contact an experienced technician.

It May Have Insufficient Airflow

Unless you have sufficient airflow, your heat pump’s refrigerant could fall below freezing, followed by your condenser coil or evaporator freezing. The primary issue is that the refrigerant level gets too low, and it’s not always able to thaw out without assistance from a professional. Additionally, you need to ensure that debris and leaves do not block your coils.

Are you afraid that you heat pump may have frozen? Contact the experts at Trinity Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll be happy to tell you more about frozen heat pumps, and you can schedule a repair online!

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