As a homeowner, it’s common to inspect the different aspects of your property to ensure everything is working correctly and is in good condition. Over time, you may notice a lot of dust accumulating around the air vents in different rooms of the home. If you notice a lot of dirt, there are a few causes to consider to ensure you can maintain your HVAC system correctly in your home or office in Newnan, GA.

Dirty Air Filters

When dust is present on the outside of your air vents, it can indicate the filters have been in for too long. The filter can become clogged if you don’t replace or clean it every month, which can cause the dust to begin to circulate in each room as the HVAC system is in use.

Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts also require cleaning periodically because of dust that can settle inside as the HVAC system runs, which affects your air quality. Dirt that is present on the outside of the air vents can mean the air ducts have a buildup of grime. Hire a professional technician to clean the ducts and also inspect them for any damage that may be present.

Damaged Air Ducts

One of the main signs of damaged air ducts is dust outside of the vents, which makes it necessary to hire a professional to inspect the parts. The ductwork may be poorly connected or have a few holes, allowing particles of insulation and dust from your attic in. Leaks in ductwork can also cause a lack of air pressure. Your HVAC system will end up working harder to operate, leading to a spike in your energy bill.

There are a few main causes to consider if you spot dirt outside of your vents. Contact us at Trinity Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning to have one of our professionals inspect the HVAC system and perform any necessary repairs on your property in Newnan, GA.

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